About Us

AltogetherChristmas.com is the creation of Deborah Whipp and family. Our goal in designing AltogetherChristmas.com was to offer an attractive, easy to navigate, family friendly Christmas website, rich in holiday content.

We offer goodies on our site that our family and friends find fun and useful during the holiday season: recipes, printable cards, gift tags, Christmas carol lyrics, stories, craft projects, coloring pages, and more. We hope you, too, will find AltogetherChristmas.com a fun resource during the holiday season and throughout the year.

Our Shopping section contains links and information to popular online stores, some of which allow us to earn commissions on completed purchases. By shopping through those links, you support AltogetherChristmas.com, allowing us to purchase features such as hosting, bandwidth, software, graphics, site content, and more — and we thank you.

It is our hope that AltogetherChristmas.com enhances your enjoyment of the Christmas season and that you have a wonderful visit with us.

Merry Christmas from AltogetherChristmas.com!