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Pasta Christmas Tree

Turn everyday noodles into a beautiful and unique Christmas decoration.

  • Plastic or styrofoam craft cone, 12 inches tall
  • Thick white craft glue
  • Craft paint brushes
  • Assorted dried pastas (bow tie, rotini, shell, ziti and macaroni were used for this pasta tree)
  • Metallic gold craft paint
  • Clear coat acrylic spray paint
  • Red craft ribbon for bow

  1. Using paint brush, paint the entire tree with a thick coat of craft glue. Let dry.
  2. Give the cone a new coat of craft glue then, beginning at top, glue pasta in circular patterns around the tree. Let dry.
  3. Paint cone with metallic gold craft paint. Let dry.
  4. Spray the tree with light coat of clear acrylic spray paint. Let dry.
  5. Create a simple bow from craft ribbon and glue to top.

  • Trees can be painted in any colors once pasta has been glued on and is dry. A solid metallic gold or silver is simple, yet elegant. You can also try painting the tree green and affixing colorful beads or sequins as ornaments.
  • You can display completed trees on round decorative pot holders, or cut a circle of sticky felt to attach to the bottom to protect display surfaces.

Submitted by Sharon Whipp